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Rustic Bedding for the Home or Cabin

No Rustic Home Or Cabin Retreat Is Complete Without The Right Bedding

It is only fitting that a hunting or fishing cabin be supplied with appropriately rustic and themed bedding. Whatever the extent of the sleeping quarters, nothing says a restful night in the great outdoors than fine bedding.

And we make it easy for that to happen.

With Wild Wings' extensive collection of rustic bedding all you need to decorate your bedroom in your home or cabin can be found in one place. And, best of all, you can choose items to decorate according to your personal design style!

Our high-quality selection of rustic bedding includes comforters, bedspreads, bed skirts, decorative pillows, and complete bedding sets in multiple sizes, and much, much more.

Regardless of whether your preferred theme is nature, wildlife, Western, fishing, hunting, mountain cabin, or quaint beach hut, you’re sure to find the perfect bedding collection at Wild Wings.

Bedspreads and Sheets


Aside from the mattress, the comfort of any bed is determined by the sheets. And Wild Wings has a variety of sheets that’ll keep your guests feeling welcome and your house looking tasteful and homey.

For the bedroom done up in southwestern décor, consider a set of diamond-patterned sheets in cool turquoise and deep red accents. Or for the cabin, lake house, or lodge theme, we have a number of pine-patterned and animal print sheets that will evoke the great outdoors. 

Bedspreads not only serve as the focus and center point of bedding décor, but they also serve a tactile and comfort purpose, as well. There are few joys that match the sensation of laying back or simply falling into an inviting and comfy bedspread after a long day.

Along with matching sheets, Wild Wings offers a full complement of bedspreads in nature, cabin, southwestern, forest, quilt, or other themes that are available in twin, full, queen, and king sizes.

Rustic Bedding Sets


An easy way to have a beautiful bed is with one of Wild Wings’ hundreds of bedding set options.

With dozens of different patterns to choose from, you can pick the bedding set that matches your room or home décor perfectly. Pick a rustic, patchwork pattern bedding set for those breezy spring days. A patriotic American bunting set is a great fit for the summer.


And, for autumn, a tranquil cabin bedding set with rustic hues of brown, green and creamy white set off with a burst of red accent. For the winter, nothing beats a classic and inviting red and black plaid lodge-style bedding set.

Outfit all of your bedrooms from one source with bedding sets available in twin, full, queen, and king sizes!

Pillows and Throws


A few carefully selected pillows on a bed can complete a look in one easy step. In addition to adding needed comfort for sleeping, pillows can also let you express yourself. And the good news is that Wild Wings has hundreds of pillows in a dazzling array of patterns and designs to choose from.

We have pillows for nature lovers featuring fawns, squirrels, wolves, and many other woodland animals and wildlife. Patterns and designs can range from pillows with southwestern woven themes, warm flannel, rustic patchwork, and dozens of other designs to fit the décor of your room.

And it’s always a good idea to be prepared with seasonal and Christmas-themed pillows, as well as patriotic themes featuring pillows with flags, eagles, and other seasonal imagery. 

There is something particularly inviting and stylish about a matching throw blanket draped across the foot of a made bed. And, if it matches your pillows or bedding, so much the better!

Rustic throw blankets are the perfect accent for your outdoor-themed home or cabin.

Our throws come in multiple styles to fit the theme of your home decor, whether that's wildlife, hunting, Western, mountain, or some other imagery. So, if you're looking for that special touch to complete your bedroom’s look, a beautiful rustic throw blanket from Wild Wings could be just the thing.

Bed Skirts and Rugs


Beds seem incomplete without a tasteful bed skirt to match the bedding and present the whole bed as a decoration ensemble.

And, with more than 100 different bed skirts to choose from, we’re confident that you’ll find one that is a perfect match for your bedspread. From simple, single colors to rich patterns, you’ll be certain to find something you’ll love.

Our bed skirts come in several different fabric styles including faux suede, thick quilted, and light imitation silk. And these unique and rustic bed skirts come in all standard bed sizes including twin, full, queen, and king.

Alighting from a comfortable and well-appointed bed shouldn’t mean cold feet. But a great way to warm your feet is a tasteful rug from Wild Wings. No well-decorated home is complete without a few great floor coverings to add a bit of color to a wood floor and really tie the room together.

And, with over 100 great rugs to choose from, we are sure to have something for every taste.

Choose from one of the dozens of classic rustic or outdoor themes, including a variety of southwestern woven patterns to add a little western ambience to a room. Or pick out a rug with a bear, owl, or other animal theme to provide a sense of nature close at hand.

Bedding and Bedroom Collections from the Leader in Wildlife Themed Art

From the mountains to the prairies, and from the seaside to the pastoral woodland pond, every home or cabin can be beautifully appointed with rustic and nature-themed decor.

Wild Wings only stocks the highest quality wildlife artwork, and our collection features wildlife prints from several renowned wildlife artists such as Terry Redlin, as well as Persis Clayton Weirs, Rosemary Millette, Michael Sieve, and Susan Bourdet.

Wild Wings is the leader in wildlife themed art, and we pioneered the wildlife art industry with over 2,500 print editions produced since 1968.

Today, Wild Wings stocks over 1,000 outdoor and wildlife art prints representing 75 of America’s top artists and our Wildlife Art collection offers buyers the perfect combination of beauty, quality, comfort, and uniqueness.


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