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Quality Animal Sculptures And Statues

 When You Are Looking for Quality Animal Sculptures And Statues

When most people think of wildlife art there is a tendency to envision striking and bold paintings of outdoor scenes. And these paintings will, of course, portray some type of animal in its natural environment.

But wildlife art and artwork are not always two dimensional.

Considering Wildlife Sculpture

There is something particularly captivating about a sculpture.

And, when it comes to acquiring a piece of sculpture, wildlife art is one of the most popular sculpture genres available. The multidimensional quality of a finely executed wildlife sculpture goes beyond a painting or photo print, regardless of how well those are done.

A sculpture is a dynamic piece of art in that it invites the viewer to move around it in order to see it’s details from every angle. And sculpted artwork is also tactile - there is an almost irresistible urge to touch a sculpture piece and experience the textures.

In addition, unlike paintings or other flat images, sculptures can come in a broad range of sizes. Whereas a painting or limited edition print, for example, must fit in a space on a wall, sculpted artwork is not limited in that way.

Animal and wildlife sculptures can be as small as a real-life finch or sparrow, or as large as an actual horse or elk. Granted, large sculptures might be challenging to place in a typical home, but there are numerous examples of life-sized and larger-than-live animal sculptures that are usually installed outdoors.

A striking example is the world’s largest bronze wildlife sculpture entitled “Fierce Encounter” found in Dundee, Michigan. The 24-foot tall sculpture depicts two grizzly bears engaged in battle, with moose antlers below them.

Another example is a beautiful, larger-than-life sculpture of a bald eagle placed at the intersection of I-580 and U.S. 395 just outside the Nevada state capital of Carson City. The eight-foot tall, 800-pound sculpture has a 16-foot wingspan and is perched atop a sculpted tree stump.

Wildlife Sculpture and Animal Statues from Wild Wings

When it comes to acquiring wildlife sculpture artwork for your home or cabin, Wild Wings is your premier source.

You can browse through our extensive collection of elegant bronze casts of giraffes, lions, elephants, and zebras that are perfect artwork additions for the African big game admirers. In addition, there are dozens of North America’s wildlife depictions to choose from including bears, bison, eagles, foxes, wolves, and others.

Of course, not all wildlife art need be majestic and “wild” portrayals of animals. 

Wild Wings offers dozens of adorable tabletop sculptures of bunnies, kittens, and puppies, along with charming examples of pigs, foxes, lynx, chicks, owls, and more. These often whimsical and endearing sculptures are perfectly crafted for fans of cute animals.

Animal statues and wildlife sculpture represents perhaps the closest depiction of real wildlife as it combines skillful artistic representation in a three-dimensional form. Sculpture styles range from stunningly realistic to captivatingly abstract.

Wild Wings animal and wildlife sculpture has been created by our family of renowned wildlife and nature sculptors including well-known names such as Sam Nottleman, Stephen Herrero, and Mark Hopkins

Our sculpture pieces feature many wildlife types and themes such as North American wildlife, birds of prey, waterfowl, sporting dogs, farm animals, and more. In addition, we offer several Western and Native American figures, as well.

Wildlife sculptures from Wild Wing can be had in a variety of mediums including cast bronze, polished crystal, rustic textured metal, reclaimed wood, and others. From hyper-realistic to stylized and abstract to rustic and simple, Wild Wings’ collection of wildlife sculptures are made for every decorative style. 

Browse through our unique, high-quality collection of wildlife and animal sculpture, and you will be sure to find the perfect pieces to complement your outdoor-themed home or cabin.

Wildlife Sculpture Art from Wild Wings

Wild Wings offers exclusive and high quality wildlife sculpture for sale by renowned wildlife and nature artists such as Arich Harrison, Phil Galatas, Danny Edwards, Lawrence Oliver, Joe Slockbower, Eli Hopkins, and Greg Peltzer.

These pieces include birds of prey, bison, elk, horses, African wildlife, fishing and hunting scenes, as well as more domestic depictions. Whether robustly realistic or impishly whimsical or stylized, the animals depicted in these sculptures come to life with the fine detail captured by each of these wildlife artists.

Our vast range of wildlife sculpture and animal statues is available in a variety of Limited Edition Art and home décor formats, including bronze casts, acrylic, wood, and mixed media pieces. Each piece of wildlife art is handcrafted by Wild Wings artisans and created using premium materials with several pieces mounted on quality wood or resin bases.

The results are stunning sculpted artwork pieces that any admirer of wildlife and wildlife art will be proud to display in their homes, dens, and lakeside cabins.

Wild Wings is the leader in wildlife themed art, and we pioneered the wildlife art industry with over 2,500 print editions produced since 1968.

Today, Wild Wings stocks over 1,000 outdoor and wildlife art prints representing 75 of America’s top artists and our Wildlife Art collection offers buyers the perfect combination of beauty, quality, comfort, and uniqueness.

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