Playful Fox Art For Your Home & Office

Playful Fox Art For Your Home & Office

Playful Fox Art For Your Home & Office

At Wild Wings, we specialize in acquiring and selling high-quality rustic art featuring foxes, waterfowl, and so much more. Some of our most adorable pieces are centered around the beautiful, resourceful, and cunning creature that biologists call Vulpes vulpes—commonly known as the red fox. Here are some select pieces featuring your favorite four-legged vulpine friends.

Heartwarming Art For Your Home & Office

Prowling Fox

Aside from being downright adorable, they are one of the stealthiest and most resourceful members of the family Canidae, which also includes wolves, jackals, raccoon dogs, and the humble domesticated dog. This realistic sculpture features a cute little fox sneaking around in a crouched position. Who knows what sort of mischief it’s up to?

Stealth - Fox

For something more serious, here is a detailed painting that depicts this fluffy red predator tiptoeing through the woods in the blistering cold snow. Sadly, the fox appears to be sneaking up on an unsuspecting rabbit who will probably soon become its lunch… but that’s simply the circle of life. This somber painting reminds us to enjoy the beauty of nature and to be as playful and spontaneous even when we’re faced with hardship. 

Cozy Retreat - Fox Stained Glass Art

If you’re looking for something a bit more whimsical and illuminating, what better way to do so than by hanging some stained glass artwork from your windowsill? Whenever the sun’s gleaming rays shine through, they’ll reveal this dainty, beautiful, and evasive creature in a stunning spectacle of color. 

Sitting Fox

For vulpine artwork that’s more true-to-life, consider purchasing this sculpture to perch on your office desk. Like our other sculptures, this one is cold cast and meticulously painted by hand. 

Adult Sleeping Fox

For the most passionate fanatics, Wild Wings has a colorful and detailed sculpture of a fabulously fluffy four-legged friend enjoying a peaceful snooze. At approximately 17 inches wide, this statue is comparable to the size of a real-life fox taking a nap—art just can’t get more adorable than this!

Looking Up - Kit

Actually, perhaps a statue can get more adorable than that... If you’re looking for even more overwhelming cuteness overload, consider adding this hand-painted sculpture of a kit to your art collection. After all, the only creatures that are cuter than adult animals are baby animals!

Wall Art & Sculptures For You

At Wild Wings, we want to share our love of foxes with animal fanatics all across the nation. Whether you're looking for a printed copy of a painted masterpiece or a detailed cold cast sculpture, we have something for you. Please note that, due to being hand-painted, many of our sculptures are in limited supply—so be sure to browse our carefully-curated selection today if you want to snag one!

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