Home Decor For The Fall

Perfect Home Decor For Fall Holiday Entertaining

Decorate your home with great autumn room decorations to add warmth and texture. Autumn is one of the most beautiful and meaningful seasons, representing metamorphosis, maturation, and a bountiful harvest. Bring the spirit of autumn into your home in time for annual family gatherings with Wild Wings' wide array of autumn-themed decorations. 

Rustic Holiday Decor Perfect For This Autumn

Gnome, Sweet Gnome

This fascinating fall painting by Cherie Serrano features a mysterious gnome sitting atop the larger of two pumpkins. His pointy hat and shaggy, unkempt beard obscure all but his nose, giving rise to a plethora of questions about what his face looks like and how he’s feeling. Maybe he is the reason why the bowl of Halloween candy left out on the porch disappeared so quickly These captivating gnome paintings are the perfect addition to your fall home decor.

River Bottom Autumn

Forests are beautiful at nearly any time of year, but they’re especially delightful to visit when the seasons are changing. River Bottom Autumn acknowledges this fact by capturing the ephemeral shades of yellow and orange evenly spread across the beautiful and ever-changing treetops. The three adorable deer in this picture are merely an added bonus worthy of a painting of their own. This elegant forest art print will capture the essence of fall in your home.

Breaking Cover - Chocolate Lab

When it comes to pleasant wall art, dogs are perfect muses for the autumn season wall art. This gallery-wrapped canvas by Anthony Padgett depicts the delightful scene of a labrador resting serenely on the banks of a lake, enjoying the gorgeous autumn sunset. The geese in the distance seem to be quite intent on flying somewhere, even though it’s nearly nightfall—perhaps because they know that the clock is ticking if they wish to successfully migrate to a warmer region for the winter.

Perfect Pumpkin

The fall season wouldn't be complete without pumpkin-themed decorations everywhere. This vibrant stained glass window hanging is the perfect piece to begin celebrating this humble orange squash with your fall home decor.

Fall Foliage

For a stained glass decoration capable of illuminating the room in every direction, there is no better choice than our Fall Foliage lamp. The intricate textures and colors of the glass leaves look fabulous atop the tree trunk-shaped base, adding a splash of autumn colors to any side table. Our supply is extremely limited, so be sure to place your order immediately so you don't miss out.

Twilight Escapade - Pheasants

Pheasants belong to the same family of birds as turkeys, making them an excellent theme for autumn decor. This stained glass art hanging is perfect for adorning a wall space in your home.

Fall Home Decor For You

At Wild Wings, we are committed to providing nature-themed, heritage-based, and rustic home decor to Americans all across the nation. Our wide array of autumn-themed decorations and nature home decor has arrived just in time for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Browse our top picks today for more fall decor ideas.

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