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How to Spruce up your Cabin with Rustic Bathroom Décor

Refreshing your cabin décor can seem like a daunting task, but there are some quick updates you can make to your bathroom that will give it fresh rustic style. Redecorating your cabin bathroom with these top tips for creating a nature-inspired look is easy. These home décor suggestions can be applied to master bathrooms, guest bathrooms, and powder rooms.

Update Your Cabin Bathroom With these Rustic Metal Fixtures

Texture is an important part of modern rustic design, and these forged iron bathroom fixtures are one of the hot trends in interior decorating right now. The Pine Tree Bath Fixture Set are the ultimate rustic accents, giving your bathroom a stylish lodge look. We love this set because it is timeless and includes everything you need to update your restroom – a towel rack, toil paper holder, towel ring, a traditional towel bar, a 1” sq. steel mirror, and a 3-socket vanity light. And best of all, the manufacturer says that these serene pine washroom accessories are easy to install.


Fill Your Restroom with Nature-Inspired Accessories

Once you have the perfect bathroom hardware in place, it’s time to add accessories that invoke the rugged yet comfortable feelings of the outdoorsman lifestyle. This Pine Forest Bath Accessory Set does just that. The designers who created this rustic ensemble of bathroom towels, bathmat, shower curtain, tool brush holder, hand soap dispenser, tissue box cover, waste basket, and water cup holder aptly describe it as “nature and function coming together”. The pallet of colors they chose in designing this bathroom set evoke natural feelings. Warm classic tones combined with plaid and houndstooth patterns are chic and rustic at the same time. We especially love the brushed bronze trim added to the bathroom sink accessories and waste-paper basket.


Bath Towels for Your Lake House

It is important to make family and fun part of your cabin bathroom décor. This Lake Rules Bath Collection does all of that and more. This linen set is perfect for your guest bathroom. These embroidered bath towels, shower curtain and bathmat pay tribute to lake life, welcoming your family and special visitors. As with everything else in our list of best rustic bathroom décor, colors and textures are key, and this set checks both boxes. Cremes, browns and blues are combined with a calming effect. 100% cotton towels and a memory foam bathroom rug add luxury to your lakeside retreat.


Nature-Themed Wood Toilet Seats

Every bathroom large or small has a toilet, and as basic as this essential is, there are so many ways you can dress it up. You can add rustic style to your porcelain throne with painted wood toilet seats. There are many different nature-inspired designs to choose from but one of the most popular ones is this Fly Fishing Toilet Seat that features the art of nature enthusiast and acclaimed artist Mark A. Susinno. This solid oak toilet cover is reinforced with steel rods, highlighting the durability and functionality of everything that is relevant in modern rustic décor.


Add Northwoods Flair to Your Rustic Bathroom

Another way to fix up your ladies’ room/men’s room and give your guests functional comfort is to include this Bear in Pines Toilet Paper Holder and Magazine Rack in your bathroom décor. This accent piece shouts “rustic” and “cabin” and is so much fun! If you liked the Pine Tree Bath Fixture Set, then you should consider adding this accessory to your redecorating list. The burnt sienna finished metal materials are a perfect match, and almost everyone loves bears! This rustic home décor idea is especially helpful in a half-bath, where you don’t have a lot of room to make a statement.



A Whimsical Touch to Help Refresh Your Cabin Bathroom

We saved our absolute favorite rustic bathroom accessory for last. The Green Roof Log Cabin Tissue Box Cover adds the ultimate outdoors touch to your little boy’s room/little girl’s room. This literal cabin home décor piece is nature-made of pine and is hand-painted. (If you already have too much pine green in your bathroom redesign, a red roof version is also available to add some complimentary color to the mix.) The interior decorator who designed this piece added a clever nod to one of the universally loved parts of cabin life – a warm fireplace – when they made the top of the tissue dispenser look like a plume of smoke coming out of the chimney. This bathroom decoration is a must-have!

Putting It All Together to Make the Perfect Cabin Bathroom

Our suggestions for updating your bathroom are simple to incorporate and don’t require a complete overhaul of your existing restroom. And if you have multiple washrooms to update, there are many options available to create similar looks. The simple principles of rustic bathroom design to remember are:

  1. Use a variety of complimentary textures (wood, cloth, metal)
  2. Stick with colors you find in the Great Outdoors (shades of brown, neutral cremes, woodland greens, pastoral reds, and muted blues)
  3. Choose high-quality durable pieces that pay tribute to wildlife and cabin living
Use these guidelines when you redesign any part of your cabin home, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, and you’ll successfully create a warm living space that you and your guests will enjoy.
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