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How To Decorate Your Home Bar In 2021 (With Help From Wild Wings)

With the long series of health safety driven lockdowns and hundreds of thousands of people going through self-quarantine, staying at home has become a frequent pastime.

 In addition to multitudes of American workers relocating to often hastily put-together home offices to work remotely, multitudes have also discovered a renewed interest in creating home bars or upgrading the one they already had.

 Which means that they’re often looking for great ideas on how to decorate their home bar in this post-COVID 19 world of 2021.

Inspirational Home Bar Decorating Ideas from Wild Wings

There are probably endless ways to design and decorate a home bar and numerous home bar ideas including bar glassware, accessories, decorations, and furnishing. At Wild Wings, we have our own unique take on decor for your DIY home bar decorating project.

Here are some of our favorites to help with everything you need to decorate and stock your home bar (or cabin bar!) 

Wall Mirrors

What is a bar without a mirror on the wall behind it?

Wild Wings has a wide selection of Decorative Wall Mirrors including a conveniently sized and quite striking mirror printed with a beautiful and relaxing image by famed wildlife artist Terry Redlin.  

Made with fade-resistant inks and framed with 2.25-inch wide rustic barnwood molding, this wall mirror measures 20.5 inches by 28.5 inches and comes ready to hang. A unique piece that

is produced exclusively by Wild Wings, this handsome mirror is designed, printed, and assembled in the USA.

Metal Wall Art

Any back wall or corner of a room that serves as a home bar will stand out with some choice pieces of art on the walls. And Metal Wall Art can be just the ticket for creating the ambience you want for your home bar. 

Rustic metal wall art sculptures make for the perfect accent piece for your home bar’s outdoor-themed decor. We have metal wall art that will bring a dash of wildlife, natural landscapes, and memories of outdoor adventures.

Crafted from high-quality steel and completed with protective finishes, our rustic metal wall art sculptures will bring the beauty and elegance of nature right to your bar. Wild Wings has a vast collection of unique pieces to choose from to complete your rustic or nature-themed home bar.

Tin Signs

As any bar owner can tell you, signage is critical. And a rustic or whimsical Tin Sign for your home bar is a must. 

Whether you prefer the look of a colorful sign on the wall, or the vintage look of a hanging sign, Wild Wings has got you covered. From warm and inviting signs that evoke a public house from a few centuries ago, to more contemporary stylized imagery, there is bound to be a sign that will be just the right touch for your home bar. 

Vintage tin signs express your personality as they welcome guests to your home bar. And, in addition to the variety of messages, our signs offer different themes, including nature, wildlife, patriotic, and western life. With more than 50 designs to choose from, the challenge will be settling on just one sign! But there’s nothing to prevent you from having two or three!

Pub Table and Stools

Standing one elbow resting the bar and one foot on the rail may be the classic “bar stance” but sitting in comfort at a pub table and stool is definitely a great alternative for any home bar.

Wild Wings offers a truly unique seating option with our Iron Crank Pub Table and matching stools. With its distinctive rustic-industrial design, this set would stand out in any setting and will set your home bar decor apart from any other.

The revolving bar stools can be set at just the right height, has a sturdy three-legged post design, and its iron triangle base makes a handy footrest. Built with distressed recycled wood, these pieces are reminiscent of an antique ice cream churn.

Bar Stools 

Tradition holds that any bar worthy of the name will be furnished with a few bar stools. And any home bar with an outdoor or vintage theme wouldn’t be complete without a set of tractor seat bar stools.

Functional, attractive, and offering a hint of whimsy, these authentic metal tractor seat stools hold forth the promise of many hours of comfort at the bar.  

Our Red Backless Tractor Seat Pub Stool features a sturdy and hardworking, backless tractor seat that has been converted to a stool for relaxing around a table or a home bar. It is built with solid shaped iron, features a rich red weathered finish, and comes with a wide ring footrest.

If you or your home bar guests prefer the added comfort of a solid back on your stool, we can accommodate you with our Pitchfork and Tractor Swivel Stool. Guests will love perching on this unusual swivel stool. Made from a metal pitchfork, adjustable metal tractor seat, and stylish metal legs, this peculiar stool is completed with a wooden back.

Make it Unique

Designing a home bar does mean you have to keep it completely rustic or traditional. Put your own spin on things with some Superhero Art or add a touch of magic with some Disney Art!


Last, but certainly the first in importance, we feature a dazzling variety of glassware. And it’s a given that no home bar can function without them.

Our collection of wildlife glassware will add a classy touch to your home bar gatherings while keeping with a rustic, outdoor feel. You'll find the perfect set of nature and wildlife glassware to complement your home bar's decor with rustic, nature, wildlife, hunting, and Western themes to choose from. 

Our wildlife and nature themed glassware features artwork details from our acclaimed wildlife and nature artists. These glassware pieces are available in multiple styles, including steins, mixer glasses, double old-fashioned glasses, and even stemmed or stemless wine glasses.

Home and Outdoor Decor Items from the Leader in Wildlife Themed Art - Wild Wings

Decorating your living and entertaining spaces with unique decor items from Wild Wings means you can create a personalized environment with a touch of the great outdoors. With literally hundreds of items to choose from and a variety of styles and themes, our outdoor decor collections are sure to make your outdoor decorating a fun adventure.

Wild Wings only stocks the highest quality wildlife artwork and our collection features wildlife prints from several renowned wildlife artists such as Terry Redlin, as well as Persis Clayton Weirs and Michael Sieve.

Wild Wings is the leader in wildlife themed art, and we pioneered the wildlife art industry with over 2,500 print editions produced since 1968.

Today, Wild Wings stocks over 1,000 outdoor and wildlife art prints representing 75 of America’s top artists and our Wildlife Art collection offers buyers the perfect combination of beauty, quality, comfort, and uniqueness.

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