Gifts And Home Decor For Year Of The Rabbit

Gifts & Home Decor For Year Of The Rabbit

Gifts And Home Decor For Year Of The Rabbit

If you’re looking for some cozy, cottage-style decor to usher in the Year of the Rabbit, Wild Wings has just what you need. Our stunning bunny art collection is expansive, and we can ship anywhere in the nation.

Celebrate Spring During The 2022 Year Of The Rabbit

An ancient Chinese legend has it that, long ago, the Jade Emperor held a race to select twelve virtuous animals to represent each year on the lunar calendar, each appearing in the order that it crossed the finish line. Each of these animals has its own unique merits that are inherited by people born in that year and that ought to be celebrated during the Spring Festival (chūnjié). The rabbit represents spring revival, Yin qualities, the water element, compassion, and feminine virtues, making these ornaments an excellent gift choice for the special lady in your life.

6 Year Of The Rabbit Home Decor Ideas

  1. Peter Cottontail - Canvas Clock By Valeria Yost
  2. Cloaked In Green By Marjolein Bastin
  3. Cottontail & Daisies - Rabbit By John Lofgreen
  4. Bunny - Garden Stakes (Set Of 3) By Wild Wings
  5. Hightailing - Rabbits By Terry Redlin
  6. Once Upon A Time Under A Christmas Tree - Cottontail By Valeria Yost

1. Keep Time With Peter Cottontail

If you’re looking for something simple to spruce up your wall, this canvas clock of a grazing bunny is perfect. There's a mischievous gleam in the rabbit's eye as it watches the clock, but you can rest assured that the precision quartz movement will keep excellent time for you.

2. Play Find The Rabbit With Cloaked In Green

This little bunny has hidden amongst the spring greenery, shyly peeking over a dandelion at you. A beautiful, life-like piece from Marjolein Bastin, Cloaked In Green will make the perfect friend for the quiet child in your life, or make an outgoing person want to coax it out to play.

3. Cottontail & Daisies Will Keep The Light On For You

For an indoor decorative option that will illuminate your home, we have a lovely acrylic night light designed by John Lofgreen. As such, it would make an excellent gift for your precious child this upcoming Chinese New Year or Easter. Just make sure you still give out red envelopes if you are celebrating the former, or the kids will be in for a very disappointing surprise!

4. Decorate Your Garden With These Bunny Garden Stakes

No one wants to see real rabbits devouring their carefully-curated vegetable garden, but thankfully, this trio is completely inanimate. Wild Wings’ Garden Stakes collection features an Alert Mama Bunny and Upright Papa Bunny looking out for their precious Baby Bunny. For maximum cuteness, snag the whole family so you can set up a scene of them scoping out your garden for snacks.

5. Hightailing - Rabbits Brings Movement To Your Home

If you are searching for wall art to add to your living room, look no further than our Hightailing piece. This framed pinnacle print painted by Terry Redlin depicts a pair of lifelike cottontail bunnies energetically bounding through a snowy field. These little balls of furry enthusiasm would look great hanging on your mantle.

6. Once Upon A Time Under A Christmas Tree Sparkles For You

Our rabbit ornaments are excellent options if you’re looking for an adorable decoration that combines motifs found in Eastern and Western cultures alike. If you want a teardrop ornament of a cute little cottontail bunny that’ll usher in the new year and double as a Christmas tree decoration, consider adding one to your online cart today.

Adorable Rabbit Art Shipped Nationwide

At Wild Wings, we proudly sport a vast array of old-fashioned nature-themed gifts for rabbit lovers. Although our pieces are painted and sculpted in Western styles, they would still look beautiful when placed alongside more traditional East Asian holiday decorations. Browse our inventory today to find a piece that speaks to you.

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