The Four Design Styles That Benefit From Natural Accents

The Four Design Styles That Benefit From Natural Accents

Four Design Styles That Benefit From Natural Accents

Your home’s design style reflects who you are, or at least it should. If you already have an established theme in every room, finding the right art pieces to blend well will bring the finishing touches. Nature tends to incorporate itself into every well-thought design, including the following styles. 

  • Scandinavian
  • Bohemian
  • Traditional
  • Mid-Century Modern

We’ll take a look at these today, as well as how natural home decor accents can complement each.

Scandinavian Design Style: Light, Bright & Natural

Scandinavian style emphasizes light and harmony, drawing the outdoors in. Developed in a part of the world that is cold and grim much of the year, the Scandinavian aesthetic seeks to transmute the dreariness of winter by emphasizing its austere beauty: whites and neutrals, simple patterns, and the judicious use of natural elements.

You can brighten up a room using an eye-catching but understated bedding set, for instance. Or celebrate the glory of winter woods with a print featuring one of our favorite forest creatures.

Bohemian Home Design: Nature & Patterns

Today’s modern boho home is both art-inspired and nature-inspired. The bohemian aesthetic heavily emphasizes colors and patterns, with pieces such as batik wall hangings, Moroccan tile side tables, and mandala art.

It also benefits mightily from natural pieces such as a Western sculpture or this abstract cube. Both upgrade your interior décor scheme in subtle ways without grabbing attention.

The Elegance & Grace Of Traditional Interiors

With so many different styles to choose from, it’s easy to forget that the traditional Western interior is just as popular today as it was while being developed in Europe centuries ago.

Today, one excellent way to enjoy its elegance and grace is through stained glass pieces. A cardinal against a snowy backdrop or some misty morning mountains both leverage the natural world to perfection.

Mid-Century Modern Style: A Hit In Any Decade

With warm colors, metallic accents, and natural emphasis, mid-century modern design has maintained its popularity throughout the decades. You can bring its refinement to your home with bold mustards and cranberries, mercury glass, simple but elegant lamps, and benches with stylized feet.

Find Your Accent Piece From Wild Wings

Looking to complete your interior design style today? Wild Wings would love to help with beautiful, elegant pieces that perfectly complement your look. Check out our offerings, or get in touch with questions and special requests today.

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