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Fishing Art For Anglers

Fishing Art For Anglers

Throughout Wild Wings’ nationwide stores, we have an appreciation for angler art. We know that fishing wall art should capture the wild spirit of a beloved sport for the fisherman in your life.

Fishing wall art, sculptures, and other angler art are reminders of time spent on the riverbank. To that end, we’ve created a list of five of our favorite pieces of fishing wall art. One (or more of them) is bound to captivate the ardent angler in your life.

1. Angler Art: Live To Fight Another Day 

This irresistible piece by Mark A Susinno captures the magic and the agony of the one that got away. This piece is likely to draw groans of understanding and nods of appreciation, featuring a pair of boots immersed calf-deep in the water and a rainbow trout that’s about to escape. This limited-edition signed and the numbered piece is a surefire favorite. It comes in 16” x 20” and 27” x 32” sizes.

2. Fishing Wall Art: Silver and Golds

This triptych by Randall Scott features all the elements that the deep-sea fisherman loves: brilliantly-colored fish, sublime sea turtles, and even sunken treasure of silver and gold! Hang it on the wall in a sea-themed den to set the mood and spark real-life pirate fantasies. This 16 ½ x 10 or 16 ½ x 13 is a limited edition of 950 signed and numbered pieces.

3. Fishing Art: Summer Snapshot 

This sweet piece by Bob Byerley is a touch of Americana at its finest. An open-ended poster, features a brother and sister proudly sharing their wares after a successful day of fishing. Their delightful smiles and details, like the fish dressed in the girl’s doll’s clothing and the boy’s turned-in bare feet, capture the undeniable charm of a childhood spent in woods and water. Available in 20” x 16” and 22” x 20” sizes.

4. Fisherman and Angler Art: Generations

This Wild Wings sculpture looks at the priceless, sometimes poignant, sweet relationship that cross-generational fishermen share. Cast in pewter and bronze, this 9½” x 7¾” x 15¼” piece includes all the classic elements of an excellent day of fishing: a boy and his dog, his grandpa, and an abundance of fish waiting to be caught.

5. Fishing-Themed Stained Glass Art: Evening Rendezvous

Few artists create the timeless beauty of the natural world like Terry Redlin. This 13” x 23” masterpiece captures the brilliance of a sunset fishing trip. Cast in stained glass, Evening Rendezvous calls memories of evenings spent among pine trees and friends, sharing tales of the Big One and big adventure, the truth only the trees can tell.

Final Word on Fishing Art for Anglers

For the first-rate fisherman, stunning décor always begins with fish. Fish prints. Fish sculpture. Fish stained glass. Anything aquatic goes, as long as the fishing wall art reflects days spent on the water with friends and the love between generations. These pieces of angler art evoke these sentiments masterfully and make excellent gifts for all the anglers in your life.

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