Farmhouse Vs Rustic Home Decor

Farmhouse Vs. Rustic Home Decor

Farmhouse Vs Rustic Home Decor

For a touch of old country charm, you may find yourself choosing between the farmhouse and rustic home decor. Wild Wings offers items in both styles to make your space warm, comfortable, and inviting.

Are Farmhouse & Rustic Home Decor the Same?

Not quite! Although they have many similarities, including focusing on wood and natural elements, they each are a unique aesthetic. 

What Is Farmhouse Home Decor?

Farmhouse decor focuses on rural countryside elements—like farmlands and barns—to create a pastoral atmosphere with simple, cozy pieces to add a homey touch.

  • Barn-like Interiors
  • Neutral Palettes
  • Traditional Furniture
  • Practical Pieces

Barn-Like Interiors

Wood is often used for interiors—finished wooden ceilings, walls, and floors are typical. Sometimes shiplap and whitewash are added, creating a barn-like aesthetic.

Neutral Palettes

The focus is on light or neutral palettes to brighten the room, add warmth, and draw the eye to darker accent pieces.

Traditional Furniture

Traditional, sturdy furniture is often featured, like family-sized couches, simple wooden coffee tables, spindle-back kitchen chairs, and long-style dining tables.

Practical Beauty

Farmhouse is minimal, with practicality at heart. Items chosen are useful and beautiful, made of wood, tin, or iron—like this beautiful wooden mirror or an oiled-bronze floor lamp.

What Is Rustic Home Decor?

Rustic decor focuses on nature, incorporating light, wood, stones, and metal. Instead of polish and perfection, it celebrates flaws and cherishes character.

  • Natural Aesthetics
  • Natural & Dark Interiors
  • Unfinished Furniture
  • Natural Elements

Bringing Nature Into The Home

Rustic decorating can have a calming effect, with natural elements bringing the outdoors in. From colors to decor items, each aspect connects with nature, like this charming driftwood candle holder.

Natural, Dark Palettes For Interiors

Rustic interiors typically start with a natural base, either wood or stone. Wood can be stained to highlight knots, or painted in greens, browns, or rust reds. 

Unfinished Furniture & Distressed Materials

Unfinished materials, like this rustic pine bench, are a distinguishing characteristic. Furniture may be heavy, hardwood, and distressed, revealing wood grain. Even items with an older or rougher appearance can be statement pieces, such as these aged clay jugs.

Natural Materials

Wood, stone, clay, iron, copper, wool, cotton, hemp, or fur are common. Nature-inspired art is incorporated, with animals or natural scenery featured on wall hangings or paintings.

Find Your Next Rustic Or Farmhouse Statement Piece Today

Both rustic and farmhouse decor are on-trend decorating styles—your choice depends on which aesthetic calls to you. Browse our site today for all your nature-inspired home decor needs. Your next rustic or farmhouse-style piece awaits you at Wild Wings!

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