Horse Themed Home Decor Ideas

Equestrian & Horse Themed Home Decor Ideas

Horse Themed Home Decor

Few visual symbols convey a sense of majesty and power like horse paintings and other horse-related art pieces do. The art hearkens back to a time when simplicity reigned and traveling to and from meant saddling up. The five home decor ideas on this list capture the spirit and the energy that made this country what it is: free-spirited, beautiful, and courageous.

  1. Country Horse Dinner Bells
  2. The West Meets Urban Settings With The Regal Horse
  3. Distant Thunder Horse-Themed Serving Tray
  4. Horseshoe-Shaped Dream Catcher
  5. Equus Onyx - Fresian Horse

1. Country Horse Dinner Bell

For those who want to capture the spirit of the Old West in their outdoor living room, a country horse dinner bell adds just the right touch. Made of cast aluminum with a black coat, this stunning home decor item evokes memories of a simpler time. To create a visual connection between your indoor and outdoor kitchens, hang it somewhere so that it can be easily seen from both vantage points.

2. Regal Horse Gallery-Wrapped Canvas

In some urban settings, it’s still not so unusual to still see horses in the city. These throwbacks from another era live in the backyard, albeit a large backyard, bringing the spirit of the West to the urban setting. With its silver mane and wild look, the painting Regal Horse captures the free spirit in urban settings. Hang this piece of art in your home if you want to add a little country to your more urban environment.

3. Distant Thunder Horse Serving Tray

Not all horse art hangs on the wall. The Distant Thunder horse-themed serving tray speaks to the tradition of the craft arts. That is, it captures the practical nature of many pieces of home decor. Practical ways to display this piece:

  • Fill it with the makings of afternoon drinks by filling it with some horse-themed drinking glasses, an ice bucket, and napkins, and use it to serve refreshments at your next party.
  • Hang it up behind the snack bar in your family room. Use it as a serving tray when necessary. When you’re done using it, you can hang it up and restore the horse art theme behind your snack bar.
  • Cover the bottom with a fitted piece of glass and use it as a stand for a horse-themed lamp.

4. Horseshoe Dream Catcher

Although galleries of horse paintings look amazing on their own, it’s also fun to add some horse-related touches to these home decor displays. This horseshoe-shaped dream catcher fits the bill nicely. Thematically, it should go well with any horse painting collections and other art that you have. The piece features a metal horseshoe adorned with leather fittings to create a dream-catching web.

5. Equus Onyx - Fresian Horse

For many equestrian lovers, the Fresian breed is the most beautiful breed on earth, and the Equus Onyx Fresian Horse statue shows off the beauty of this breed. This open-edition piece measures 8"H x 4"W x 6" D, making it large enough to make an impression in your home decor display, but small enough to fit almost anywhere.

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