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Cabin Decorating Trends And Wildlife Art

While most people in the United States now live in apartments, condos, duplexes and in millions of single-family homes, there are still some who actually live in cabins.

However, many others own or share ownership of hundreds of thousands of cabins across the country, especially in the northern and western regions of the country. These often rustic, but sometimes opulent, structures are used for hunting or fishing cabins, for vacation getaways, and for rental properties.

Whether they are occupied year-round or just for a few weeks at a time during various seasons, there is something particularly endearing and comforting about thoughtful décor.

Cabin Decorating Means More Than Pinecones and Hunting Trophies

Many cabins are in or near the mountains. While there are cabins on islands, along coastal areas, and in the woodlands of the vast Midwest regions, the idea of a cabin typically evokes a sense of mountain living.

For those who are drawn to this general type of decorating, three are a few things to keep in mind.

You can make your favorite cabin retreat visually appealing by integrating pieces that epitomize mountain living. And, according to Colorado Style Home Furnishings, this type of décor comes in several styles and each features its own unique qualities:

Lodge Décor:

With an emphasis on coziness, lodge décor typically includes themes like a bear, deer, and other wildlife. Other items include deer antler lamp bases, cowhide area rugs, and buffalo plaid patterns on fabrics.

Rustic Décor:

This style of décor often includes things like natural greenery, creamy white colors, and metal for accessories and furnishings. Distressed finishes on living room furniture will elevate the rustic look.

Mountain Décor:

The key to mountain décor is to make sure everything looks and feels cozy. Toss velvet throw pillows on a sofa along with a warmly lit table lamp accented with a linen drum shade. Hang an animal skull over the fireplace to finish the look.

Canadian Log Homes adds these thoughts to the overall mountain cabin decorating approach,

A snowy retreat in the mountains should be cozy and inviting, with a roaring fire, earth tone colors, plush fabrics, and unique artwork. The best way to achieve this is by layering textures. Think upholstery, area rugs, throw pillows, blankets, and window treatments. All of these components add up to creating a room that you’d like to curl up in and relax.

Soft layers don’t only work to create a cozy space, they also work to soften the acoustics. Try to use local materials such as timber and stone that instantly create a homey feel.

What is trending for cabin decorating is a stylish, yet masculine living space that represents the classic, “cabin-chic” look. This can include neutral gingham fabrics, rich leather items, and - if possible - exposed wood-beamed ceilings and a wood-burning fireplace serving as a rustic centerpiece.

Wildlife Artwork and Cabin Décor

From the beginning of interior decorating, homes - however humble - have made use of images hung on walls or perched on shelves and furniture. From paintings and cross stitch samplers, to daguerreotypes, to modern photographs and limited-edition art prints, artwork has been a staple of home (and cabin!) décor for centuries. Decor trends have certainly changed with the times with peel and stick wall murals being the latest trend in 2021.

Although it is technically speaking a current “trend” in cabin décor, wildlife art has been used to decorate cabins for as long as people have been decorating them.

These pieces run the gamut of landscapes and outdoor scenery, to big game animals, to fish and fowl. Wildlife and nature scenes lend themselves in an almost symbiotic way with cabin décor. And, depending on the region and location of the cabin, the choice of scenery and wildlife will often reflect that of the immediate surroundings.

For example, a picturesque cabin situated in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, Washington will do well with either Northwest Mountain themes or sea life and coastal themes. On the other hand, a fishing cabin near Lake Tahoe might be better suited to wildlife art featuring rocky crags like those common in the Sierra Nevada mountains, or Black Bears and rainbow trout.

 When it comes to specific artwork themes, there are no hard and fast “rules” for decorating. However, a general rule of thumb might be to keep the style and subjects of your chosen wildlife artwork in the “rustic” or “mountain” realm.

 Here are some tips from Tahoe Magazine for decorating with artwork:

  • Do not fill every space. Understand that the negative space, what you don’t cover, is equally of importance as it creates the balance and breathing room. An image that is… appropriately scaled feels balanced with the right negative space around it.
  • The feel of the environment will always be true if the line of sight to the image is good. Integrate the art piece into its space so it feels as though the environment was built around the piece.
  • Framing canvas looks fantastic; it can give a really dramatic effect. Glass on any fine art piece isn’t always the best way to go because you can see a reflection or glare on top of the image, which can be distracting.
  • Choosing the location of your piece is like pairing wine and cheese. You want the image and all surrounding décor to complement one another.
  • Lighting is key; your image needs to be lit correctly or the colors won’t pop. Be careful of direct sunlight on any fine art.

Decor Items from the Leader in Wildlife Themed Art

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