Bring the Outdoors Into Your Home Office

Bring the Outdoors Into Your Home Office

Bring the Outdoors Into Your Home Office

What would it be like to have an office outside in the woods? Nature lovers might find the wild animals, the soft breezes, and the blend of greens and browns calming. While it is simply not practical to have a desk and chair in the wilderness, art and accent pieces can bring the best of outside into the comfort of your home office area. 

Homeowners and decorators can choose a full rustic office design or minimalism with the below accent pieces from Wild Wings.

Appreciate The Serenity Of A Lake View

Northern Exposure, a highly detailed piece of nature artwork, gently introduces a rustic escape into your home office space. The scene depicts a cozy cabin in the winter situated on a serene lake. Gaze at the campfire on a small sandy beach, or imagine floating away in the red canoe beneath the pastel sunset during work or study breaks.

Gaze Upon Majestic Beauty

Wings of Freedom, an impressive bronze sculpture, add a dash of inspiration to any office space. This exquisite piece represents the freedoms that Americans enjoy with a representation of a stunning spread-winged bald eagle ready to take flight. 

This piece can also play double duty and complements the traditional decor and bohemian decor. 

Infuse Energy Into Your Office

If you enjoy outdoor sports or exercises, bring the same energy to your everyday work with a flat-bottom canoe floor lamp. A combination of shelving and lighting installation, this piece of art can serve as a bookcase, artifact, or photo holder. 

Remember the rush of endorphins and the joy of achieving a goal on the waterfront or reaching the finish line as you turn this lamp on to start a new project. 

Feel The Rush Of Freedom Beneath Your Feet

Flying Free is adorned atop a durable nylon area rug that uses striking colors. This artwork presents a gorgeous sunset backdrop with an eagle circling its nest. Produced solely for Wild Wings, this floor covering offers maximum coverage while showcasing your pride in nature.

Inspirational Wood Wall Signs

Wild Wings has several wooden wall signs that are easy to hang in home office spaces. One is Accept...Have Faith, and it declares, “Accept what is…Let go of what was…Have faith in what will be.” Printed and designed in the US, this art for home office areas will receive countless compliments and inspire you and anyone else who uses the space.

Find Your Niche With Wild Wings’ Office Design Art

As a leading producer, publisher, and distributor of sports, wildlife, and Americana-inspired artwork, we offer the finest made-in-the-USA pieces. Contact us today to learn how to enhance office space with soothing beauty and clever decor.

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