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Best Horse Art for Your Living Room

The art you hang in your home reflects the things that are most important to you, and if you love horses, there are some amazing options for equestrian art and home décor available. From highly collectible Limited Edition prints to sculptures of horses, there is a wide range of impressive pieces available, created by established and emerging horse artists. Here are the top six types of wildlife art featuring horses, perfect for your living room.

Limited Edition Horse Art

Inarguably, the most desirable equestrian art currently available is Limited Edition Art by America’s top horse artists. If you aren’t familiar with what makes a piece Limited Edition, these works of art are a lithograph or canvas giclee that are produced in a very small number. They are usually signed by the artist and always numbered with a Certificate of Authenticity. Legally, these pieces cannot be reproduced after the stated number of prints in the edition have been sold out. This makes them collectible and valuable. One of the best Limited Edition works of art featuring horses right now is Misty Morning Pintos by world renowned equestrian artist Chris Cummings. This art is part of the Wild Wings Master Artisan Canvas Collection, which is the best type of Limited Edition available. You can watch more about it here to get a complete understanding of what this means, but to summarize, in addition to being numbered and signed by the artist, these works of art are hand-highlighted, are marked with the artist’s unique gold foil seal, and are framed in the highest-quality museum frames available. If you are looking for a statement piece for your living room, something that you can pass down to your children as a family heirloom, this is the artwork you should consider purchasing.


Gallery Wrapped Canvases – A Modern Home Décor Format Perfect for Your Living Room

One of the most popular trends in home décor for the past few years has been gallery wrapped canvases, unframed canvas art stretched over a hard wood bar. These décor pieces are highly sought after because the artwork wraps around all four sides and do not require a frame. They can be displayed alone or together in a grouping, like this set of three gallery wraps featuring horses – Summer Creek by Chris Cummings, On the Shimmering Trail by Jason Rich, and Tumalo Trio also by Chris Cummings. There are many breathtaking gallery wrapped canvases featuring horse art to choose from right now, but as you can see in this example, they are extremely versatile because they can be hung in so many configurations. For this reason, many horse lovers choose to decorate their living room with this wrapped canvas format.


Wood Signs – Rustic Horse Decor

Another popular wall art trend is the use of wood. Modern technology makes it possible for horse artists to recreate their works of art on wood substrates. The result is rustic décor, which is perfect for most collectors of horse art. One of our favorite examples of a wood sign featuring horses is Beloved Light Horse Breeds by Chris Cummings. Chris Cummings is one of today’s best-selling modern horse artists. Her artwork is incredibly realistic. It perfectly recreates the features of each horse breed she paints and captures the spirit of these animals. On this wood art, Chris has painted each of the most beloved light horse breeds, including Arabian, American Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred, Tennessee Walker, Mustang, Appaloosa, American Paint, and Morgan.


Glass Horse Art – Perfect for Smaller Living Spaces

Another beautiful substrate you can find horse art painted on is glass. Stained glass art dates to the middle ages and has made a resurgence because of modern glass-making processes. The result is beautiful colored glass that transmits light in an awe-inspiring way. Again, Chris Cummings is the master of this home décor format, offering several stained glass horses, including this one, Over the Top. The wonderful thing about stained glass horse art is that it is affordable and is the perfect way to decorate a smaller living room, family room or den.


Horse Sculptures for Your Living Room

Horse owners often show their love for their animals with three dimensional art – sculptures that feature the busts of various horse breeds, and in many cases, scenes of horses and their riders. Equestrian sculptures are created using different materials and methods, including cold cast, bronze, and wood, to name a few. A wonderful example of a cold cast, hand painted horse sculpture, is Equus Onyx by the renowned Mill Creek studio. We also love End of Trail Horse, Native American horse art which features both a bust and a horse with its rider. If you like either of these pieces, explore Wild Wings Art’s full collection of horse sculptures. These artworks can be displayed on your living room table, in your curio cabinet or on a bookshelf.


Home Furnishings Featuring Horses

The definition of horse art is not just confined to any of the traditional or modern wall art and three dimensional art formats we’ve described so far. Ornate furniture is another way you can display your love for horses in your home. In addition to things wood tables and chairs, you can also find horse art etched into large decorative mirrors, like Spring Roundup by Laurie J. Lee.

Choosing the Right Horse Art for Your Home

There is an abundance of horse décor to choose from. To determine which art is right for you, consider the following:

  1. Are you looking for something collectible that you can pass down for generations of family enjoyment?
  2. What size is the living space you are decorating?
  3. Do you want three-dimensional art or traditional horse wall art?
  4. Do you like framed canvas or paper prints, or do you prefer rustic wood décor or stained glass?
  5. Are you looking for horse art in general or depictions of specific horse breeds?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll be able to narrow your search and choose the works of art that best portray your love of horses.

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