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9 Best Rustic Cabin Décor Ideas

Creating a warm, inviting atmosphere at your cabin begins with choosing the right home décor. Whether it’s your year-round residence, your seasonal lakeside retreat, or a log cabin you’re renovating for Airbnb  or HomeAway vacation rentals, it’s important to pick authentic rustic furnishings to achieve the nature-inspired style you are going for. With so many options available, we wanted to share our favorite cabin décor ideas, featuring natural textures, simple colors, and handmade, high quality materials.

Designing a Log Cabin Bedroom

One of the most important parts of your sanctuary in the woods is the bedroom. Create a comfortable room that you will make you never want to leave. Key to this is rustic bedding set like this one from the Wilderness Woods Collection. Earthy green, brown and crème tones perfectly fit the definition of rustic design, while its 100% cotton materials are extremely soft, tempting you to stay in bed long after the sun rises. Compliment this sheet and comforter set with a nature-inspired throw pillow or three. Mix and match the amazing pillows in this cabin design example. Our two favorites are the luxuriously soft Shearling Pillow and the contrasting Deer Burlap Pillow. Texture is everything in selecting rustic home décor, so don’t forget the faux leather shams.


Rustic Area Rugs that Compliment Your Hardwood Floors

Keeping your feet warm and contrasting the rich colors of your wood flooring are the two reasons to include area rugs when you decorate your cabin. Fill your lodge with rugs that reflect your love of the Great Outdoors, like the Wanderer of the Woods Area Rug. Chestnut, chocolate and buff colors offset with leafy greens and creamy whites pay tribute to one of the great creatures of nature, the moose. Soft yarn is another natural material that will enhance your rustic home décor and create the warm cabin atmosphere that you desire.


Handcrafted Wood Accent Furniture for Your Cabin

Solid wood cabinets are rustic home décor essentials. This pine cabinet featuring the art of Persis Clayton Weirs is crafted by artisans. The stained wood, along with the intricate detail in the artwork, reflect a standard of woodworkers of the past. Accent pieces like this are perfect for a living room, den, or bedroom, and don’t be afraid to adorn them with elements from nature, like pinecones, dried berries, and other earthy decorations.


Rustic Lighting for Your Lodge

Lighting is everything when it comes to interior design, and the light fixtures you choose for your home reflect your style. This Bear Clan Table Lamp reflects a Modern Rustic Design with its black finished base and faux leather shade. It offers an on-trend interpretation of wildlife. If you prefer more classic cabin lighting, Wild Wings offers a wide variety of traditional rustic fixtures.


Heirloom Rocking Chairs that Will Define Your Cabin

We’ve all admired classic pieces of furniture that have been passed down for generations. These furnishings tell the stories of our families and are the centerpieces of our homes. Every cabin, large or small, needs an heirloom piece of furniture like the Whitetail Buck and Friends Rocking Chair. The craftsmanship of this made-to-order rocker is evident – an intricate pinecone carving overlay is embellished in a dark walnut-stain on a durably handcrafted frame of kiln-dried northern hardwood.  Whitetail deer, pheasants and foxes adorn the beautifully designed rocking chair cushions, paying tribute to the Great Outdoors and its stately creatures. Furniture like this is perfect for fireside chats and making memories.


More Cabin Furniture that Reflects Your Outdoors Lifestyle

This Handcrafted Canoe Side Table speaks for itself. It’s a replica of our personal favorite outdoorsman activities. If you love canoeing, fishing or duck hunting, it is a must-have as you furnish your cabin. As with most of the other home décor in this list of Top Rustic Cabin Ideas, this piece is handmade with nature materials.


Shelving for Your Lakeside Home

Nothing celebrates fishing, duck hunting and lake life like this Rustic Canoe Display Shelf. This stained oak shelving can hold your favorite books, vintage tackle, and duck decoys.


Wildlife Sculptures that Perfectly Capture the Essence of the Great Outdoors

In addition to including natural elements and decoys in your cabin design you should consider adding a lifelike animal sculpture to your home décor. This Walking Black Bear is the perfect example of a cold cast, hand painted sculpture that realistically portrays wildlife. These tabletop works of art are eye-catching conversation starters that your guests will enjoy.


Art that Celebrates the Outdoors Lifestyle

Speaking of art, one of the key components in decorating your cabin is the wall art you choose. Wildlife and nature have been the subject of many notable artists like Terry Redlin, Valeria Yost, Marjolein Bastin and Susan Bourdet. Picturesque scenes beautifully capture awe-inspiring landscapes, stately elk and deer, prized fish, and playful foxes, squirrels and other woodland creatures. From subject to format, the options available for nature-themed artwork are unlimited. One of our all-time favorites is Tranquil Waters by Rosemary Millette. This piece is part of Wild Wings’ Master Artisan Collection, which means it is a Limited Edition Artwork that’s signed by the artist and framed in an incredible Rustic Andalusian Wood Frame. It’s the most collectible type of art you can purchase for your cabin, and it’s available along with a large collection of other stunning wildlife-inspired art from the Wild Wings publishing company.

Make Your Cabin a Reflection of the Things You Love About Nature

Remember - the art you hang in your cabin and the furniture and decorations you place throughout it are a direct reflection of your lifestyle. So be sure to choose wall art and home décor that portrays your favorite parts of nature and conveys the feelings and environment you want to share with your guests.

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