Native American Home Decor

5 Native American Home Decor Ideas

5 Native American Home Decor Ideas

Explore the beauty, dignity, and traditions of America's First People with 5 Native American home décor ideas from Wild Wings. Whether you have a cultural link or just admire the unique style, Native American artwork expresses oneness with animals, nature, and an outdoorsy way of life.

  1. Bison Skull Wall Art
  2. Painted Drum Décor
  3. Authentic, Handcrafted Dreamcatchers
  4. Unique Leather Tapestries
  5. Paintings Of Native American Women

1. Bison Skull Wall Art

Nothing says American West like a cow, buffalo, or bison skull, but why display just any dusty skull? Our collection of Native American sculptures includes painted bison skulls. Big Medicine Bison by Valerie Yost is naturally colored with hand painting by the artist and includes leather, bead, and feather accents.

If you enjoy colorful metal wall art, our Dreamcatcher Bison makes a more dramatic impression. This handmade steel sculpture is powder coated in teal blue to represent the night sky and features a painted dreamcatcher across the surface.

2. Painted Drum Décor

Celebration, protection, guidance, a culture coming together to exchange traditions - what does the Native American drum circle bring to your mind? Our End Of Day decorative drum wall décor features the painting of a weary warrior on a rawhide hand drum accented with leather, beads, and feathers.

Our Eagles decorative drum features a handcrafted pine log base and stretched cowhide head that has been hand-painted with eagles and a shield. Place this Native American-inspired décor on a table, on the floor, or as a conversation piece on a bookshelf.

3. Authentic, Handcrafted Dreamcatchers

Our authentic handcrafted dreamcatchers are a beautiful upgrade from anything you may have made at scout camp. Each features a beautifully hand-painted feather created by a member of a Native American tribe. Choose from our variations in the traditional circle shape with a Bear, Eagle, or Horse theme. Each is accented by feathers, beads, and horse hair.

Chase away bad dreams and add in a little luck with metal horseshoe dream catchers in Eagle, Bison, Horse, and Wolf variations.

4. Unique Leather Wall Tapestries

For unique Native American wall art that features many iconic symbols of the culture, our hand-painted, handcrafted leather tapestries are wonderful statement pieces over a table or hearth. Besides each painting, the tapestry also features a dreamcatcher, a ceremonial tomahawk, fur, genuine leather, beads, and horsehair embellishments.

Shop our Wolf, Bison, Flying Eagle, and End Of Trail variations.

5. Paintings Of Native American

Women Indian Maiden & Child and Burden Basket by Russ Docken both capture beautiful Native American women during quiet times and tasks of everyday life. This wall art adds a sense of contentment and tranquility to living rooms, guest rooms, and studies, for example.

Shop Native American Wall Art Today

If you're on the hunt for home décor inspired by Native American culture, we invite you to explore the Native American collection at Wild Wings. Shop online from the convenience of your home, or contact us today for more information about what you're looking for.

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