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5 Cute Dog Paintings For Your Home

5 Cute Dog Paintings For Your Home

If you’re a dog lover searching for some adorable animal art to decorate your home or apartment, Wild Wings can ship the perfect painting to you anywhere in the nation. With hundreds of pet-themed wall paintings to choose from, there is bound to be a piece that speaks to you.  

5 Cute Dog Paintings For Your Home

That’s My Dog, Too! — English Setter

English Setters embody the phrase “man’s best friend.” Loving, energetic, and loyal to their core, these descendants of hunting dogs are the perfect canine companions to celebrate with a painting. You can customize your frame by adding a metal tag engraved with your dear Setter’s name.

Smush—Yellow Lab

Anyone who can’t resist the urge to “smush” their dog’s adorable face will likely appreciate this painting, which wonderfully captures the love between a Yellow Lab and its owner. This painting is sure to spruce up your wall and add some flavor to any room.

The Wake Up Call—Cat & Puppies

This limited-edition print is great for any pet lover who appreciates the idea of dozing off in the middle of a lazy, sunny afternoon. These four fluffy Golden Retriever puppies want to nap the day away, but the cat insists it’s time to play. 

Will the puppies ignore the kitten’s continued efforts to disturb them from their slumber? Or will they reluctantly get up and indulge their feline friend’s playful wishes? Regardless of which side of the age-old “Dogs vs. Cats” debate you’re on, “The Wake Up Call” is an excellent painting that leaves many questions to be answered. 


Any pet owner knows that behind their furry friend’s adorable and loving eyes is often a little voice that says, “feed me.” What better ways are there for a pet parent to acknowledge their fur baby’s bid for affection than by enjoying a delicious treat together? Order a canvas print today if this customer favorite speaks to your undying love for an endearingly gluttonous four-legged friend in your life.


This little wiener dog has the purest, most profound, and most adorable expression as it stares inquisitively at a vibrantly-colored monarch butterfly. Whether you’re a “doxie” owner or just someone who appreciates cuteness, the look of pure innocence in this adorable little puppy’s eyes is sure to melt your heart. 

Order Your Adorable Dog Art Today

At Wild Wings, we are devoted to providing top-tier décor for free-spirited animal lovers all across the country. If you’re looking for something to add extra joy to your home, browse our vast selection today and see what appeals to you.  

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