2020 Guide to Wildlife Stained Glass Art - Wild Wings

2020 Guide to Wildlife Stained Glass Art

Stained glass art is one of the top trends in modern home décor, inspired by the classic designs of Louis Comfort Tiffany and the beautiful cathedrals of Europe. This breathtaking craft transcends time and genre and has become a popular format in nature-inspired art. Artisans have developed new methods of producing these works of art, making them accessible and affordable, yet no-less stunning. The following guide lists some of the best stained glass window art that features wildlife and captures the beauty of nature.

Stained Glass Art Featuring Deer

Hidden Fawn by renowned nature artist Marjolein Bastin has been amongst the most sought after wildlife-themed stained glass works of art. This piece is printed on glass using a proprietary process and special inks and framed in a black-finished molding. Its popularity is no surprise - when backlit by natural sunlight, the baby deer comes to life, with the green jewel tones of the surrounding foliage providing stunning contrast. Stained glass décor featuring fawns, bucks and gorgeous whitetail deer by masters like Bastin, Terry Redlin, Rosemary Millette, and Jon Ren have been some of the most popular amongst wildlife enthusiasts, conservationists and hunters alike.


Wolves, Foxes, Big Cats and Bears – Powerful Animals Captured in Delicate Stained Glass

This seems like such a dichotomy – predators and stained glass art – but it is a beautiful one, underlining the elegance of all creatures, big and small, intimidating and cute. One example of this stunning contrast is Body Language - Wolves by Lee Kromschroeder. Stained glass art featuring big game and powerful predators illuminate the awe-inspiring features of the creatures and are the perfect addition to any den, cabin, cabin or game room décor.


Birds and Stained Glass

Songbirds, exotic birds, and waterfowl adorn some of the most popular wildlife stained glass artworks. Gamebirds like pheasants and raptors like bald eagles, hawks, and falcons are stained glass art collector favorites, as well. One of the current top selling aviary stained glass pieces is Screech Owl by Rosemary Millette. The colors and vibrance of each bird come to life when they are captured on glass and filled with light.


Nature Meets Traditional Stained Glass Art

Although new methods of printing on glass have become popular ways of making stained glass window art accessible to the public, the art of making traditional stained glass is still alive and well. Master artisans handcrafted Hummingbirds and Flower using classic methods. This stained glass artwork was created using 162 pieces of cut glass and 15 cabochons, a polished gemstone used by stained glass artists, and its colors are eye-catching whether they are in the sunlight or not. This style is reminiscent of Tiffany glass, namely the iconic opalescent glass. Another stunning example of the old-fashioned art of making stained glass is Swallowtail Butterfly with over 186 pieces of stunning stained glass and 35 cabochons. Examples of artistry like this are amazingly still affordable at between $120 and $200, but they do take longer to create, as each one is forged by hand and made to order.


Stained Glass Window Art for Nature Lovers

Some of the most popular stained glass home décor is based on the art of Terry Redlin and Thomas Kinkade. Both late artists painted breathtaking landscapes on canvas that paid tribute to the Great Outdoors and made use of light. Vignettes of some of their best-selling artworks have been recreated on beautiful stained glass by artisans entrusted with capturing the beauty of their originals in this classic medium. Evening Rendezvous by Terry Redlin and Stepping Stone Cottage by Thomas Kinkade are cast in Tiffany-style glass rendering a stunning interpretation that nature lovers and stained glass art collectors love.

Choosing the Perfect Stained Glass Home Décor

Whether you love deer, bunnies, big game, birds, or you just can’t get enough of stained glass art in general, there are fortunately many options available that pay tribute to wildlife. Picking the right one for you may seem hard, but the wonderful thing about modern stained glass art is that it us gorgeous, yet inexpensive, compared to times past. Because of this it’s much easier to collect multiple pieces, which can be hung together in one window or throughout your home or cabin. This popular décor format has taken the world by storm, and we are excited to see established and emerging artists unveil their favorite pieces as stained glass window art.

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