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Border Wars—Whitetail Deer - Limited Edition Paper

Border Wars—Whitetail Deer - Limited Edition Paper

by Michael Sieve

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In 1918 a hunter named John Breen took a great buck in the Minnesota northwoods. The 'Breen Buck' would be scored by the Boone & Crocket Club and recognized as the first World Record Typical Whitetail. It would hold that title until it was de-throned in 1971. The deer that knocked the Breen Buck from its top position was taken by Jim Jordan in Wisconsin in 1914, but for years the head and horns were lost. Interestingly, Jordan's buck was taken near the Yellow River; only a few miles from the Minnesota/Wisconsin border. So two of the world record whitetails were taken only 4 years and a short distance apart. The proximity of these two deer in time and distance fosters comparisons and some rivalry between deer hunters of each of the two states. And so with this hunting history in mind, Michael Sieve, loyal to the great state of Minnesota, teamed up with Greg Alexander, passionate resident of Wisconsin, to paint these two great bucks in an epic confrontation along their common border. Each artist attempting to portray his home state's famous buck as the more impressive of the two. Set of three art prints from the Border Wars collaboration by Greg Alexander and Michael Sieve featuring the Minnesota and Wisconsin record bucks.

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