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Battling Bulls - Elk - Limited Edition Paper

Battling Bulls - Elk - Limited Edition Paper

by Michael Sieve

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“The shrill whistle of a bugling bull elk is a classic symbol of the West. The elk rut begins in late summer and extends into October. During that time bulls wallow in water, urinate on themselves and bellow challenges. They also assemble harems of cows, a unique behavior in the deer family. A bull may gather 20 or more cows and attempt to fend off other bulls that try to breed a stray cow while the he isn't looking. Most of these encounters are settled without a fight; but if not, things can turn deadly serious. The two bulls walk parallel and stare each other down. Then one spins in for the attack, and the fight is on. After many minutes, one bull wins the day, but always at a cost. However, those wounds are worth it for the right to rule the herd.”

Limited edition size of 1,999 signed and numbered art prints. Image size 17" x 27-1/2". Framed size 27-3/4" x 38-1/4" with 2-3/8" espresso walnut-finished moulding. Double matting with Umber outer mat and brass nameplate. Published exclusively by Wild Wings.

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