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Battling Bucks - Mule Deer - Limited Edition Paper

Battling Bucks - Mule Deer - Limited Edition Paper

by Michael Sieve

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“Young mule bucks spar frequently, so they are able to gauge another’s virility. This valuable skill saves many bucks from serious injury or death. A mature mule deer buck is an impressive animal, weighing up to 350 pounds with sprawling antlers nearly three feet wide. As shown here, many mule deer fights take place on steep ground and the buck who uses the terrain to his advantage is often the winner, sometimes knocking his opponent off his feet or flipping him on his back. If the loser can’t regain his footing and flee, the victor will gouge him with his heavy antlers ripping his ear, tearing his hide, even impaling his rib cage. While usually short, mule deer fights can be deadly!”

Limited edition of 1,999 signed and numbered art prints made from the original oil painting. Image size, 17" x 27-1/2". Framed size 27-3/4" x 38-1/4" with 2-3/4" espresso walnut-finished moulding. Double matting with Umber outer mat and brass nameplate. Published exclusively by Wild Wings.

Available in a limited print or canvas edition. Print image size, 17" x 27-1/2, canvas size, 21" x 34".
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