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Above the Fruited Plain

Above the Fruited Plain

by Terry Redlin

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“America became truly a land of plenty. The hard-working settlers harvested a bountiful variety of foods to feed a growing nation. Here the farmer and his family haul to town a wagon overflowing with corn, baskets of apples and containers of milk. My mother remembers doing this very thing when she was young. Overhead, pigeons have found their home atop the grain elevator, a sturdy monument to the rich soil and the people who toil on it.”

Encore open edition canvas art print made from the original oil painting. Encore canvas editions are unsigned and unnumbered open edition canvas transfers from prints with an image size of 14" x 24". Framed size 20-1/2" x 30-1/2" with 2-3/8" Dresden black finished moulding, 1-1/4" flax liner in oyster and brass nameplate.

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